ArchBang with Nix…

Am currently working on a release that includes NixOS package manager. Iso is named archbang-nix-rc and will allow users to try out nix package manager live.

NixOS site has a wealth of information, wiki, guides etc so visit site

Once you boot ArchBang, set up networking (wired should work automatically), then open a terminal and run:


This basically sets up pacman manager in a similar way to running pacman -Syy

Now to test if it is working:

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.hello

Looks weird but basically you installing a small application called hello

Run it:


If you get a message in return everything is set up and ready to go….

Now currently NixOS has some 80,000 packages available so go check out website and have a look at anything that may be of use.

Will upload an iso very shortly, any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Think if I get some interest then I add in more information on how it all works, where I have made changes to ArchBang, removing it.. where things are etc…

Thanks also to NixOS for allowing me to ship ArchBang with nix 😉

Stay safe ….