New iso and possible switch to OpenRC

Uploading a new iso, not seen any major changes in packages this week so maybe not a huge update on last weeks image. 32bit version seems to be doing well and will look at updating it as and when required.

Do not get involved in the whole systemd argument simply as Archlinux is based on it. Removing it and switching to another init system is possible but by no means easy. Artix is one of the major players when it comes to a systemd free arch based install. So the other day I thought I would be clever and try to migrate an existing install. Have done it many times in the past using Artix migrate wiki guide (have seen scripts that will do the heavy lifting too).

My luck with this route has finally run out, not only did it fail but it also leaves system totally fubar.

Have asked for help over on Artix forums but I need to test more/again to get output from system so they can help me.

So back to doing an install of Arch and breaking it again! Sorry not breaking, testing it until it fails

Stay safe 😉