Quite surprised at i686 version

Had been asked about an i686 version of ArchBang around a year ago. The iso had a handful of downloads so it was the main reason I stopped updating it as I thought their was no interested in it.

Recently I had some messages about where they could find 32bit version as they had some old hardware they wanted to run Archlinux32 on.

Curiosity got the better of me and I went to see if I had uploaded source to gitlab. Although it is not as up to date as current ArchBang thought I would at least see if it built an image.

So after it built and I had uploaded iso, thought no more about it figuring I would get one or two downloads and that would be it.

Well I got a shock this morning, have over a hundred downloads ten times the number I had last time I uploaded it.

Now it maybe down to sourceforge showing it as latest image or there is some genuine interest in i686 version.

Please feel free to contact me let me know what you think and if I should bother updating it to make it more in line with 64bit version.

Will say I have not fully tested 32bit version, installed etc. Packages should be as up to date as Archlinux32 supplies.

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Thank you for the support and interest it does mean a lot to me.

Stay safe 😉