New Iso Image and an Amazon List …

Uploading a new iso image as I type. No major changes package wise but nice to keep ArchBang up to date. Getting warmer here in the UK so may start work on summer release over upcoming weeks. Watch out for new release in June.

Can see that google ads are taking over blog page, not quite at the point of drawing any more about $15 away. Then I think I will either reduce them or if donations start coming in remove them. They annoying me now.

Have added another way to support me by creating an Amazon Wish List, have added it too Support page. Put on there a high end graphics card that would help speed up build times. Do not expect anyone to purchase such high value items so have added much smaller items if you wish to help me out.

Pleased to say that one item has already been purchased, wish to thank Ellie for buying something off the list 🙂

That reminds me I need to add something to list …

Stay safe everybody 😉