Install or build iso?

Was looking at other Arch installers that are currently available. Really thought ChrisTitusTech Arch installer would be a good base but I am not that keen on using a network based installer. Archfi is another and that also is a network based installer. Abinstall for now seems to work ok, not sure how long it will be before it breaks, still not convinced by UEFI support but will just have to see. Any upstream changes in Archlinux will of course affect abinstall as does any major changes in archiso. Have tried to keep iso build scripts as up to date as possible but archiso now uses pacman hooks instead of a custom script, which to me just over complicates things for no reason.

Have just noticed a new kernel so a new image will be on its way soon. Downloads are still very goods of last weeks iso.

No more donations or large coin currency in my wallet, guess Ad Sense will remain for now. It is a real shame as I for one dislike sites with heavy advertising… so come on buy me a coffee 😉

As always stay safe 😉