Messing with Openbox settings….

Uploading a new iso image, mostly with minor changes to Openbox configuration. Applications now have an active border that matches titlebars, makes active windows stand out more. Focus now follows mouse rather than having to click on window. Also removed animation, speeds up raising an lowering windows. Added an active border to fullscreen terminal [Super+Return] just to make it more user friendly [ie for me!]. Arc icon theme has returned mainly as it is not a super large package and does look good. Openbox titlebar icons need work maybe to make them stand out more, minor detail and something I can easily change. Something I may add to menu or a keybind is a way to reload Openbox configuration, typing openbox –reconfigure soon gets tiring ;-)…

After looking at some screenshots decided I had neglected Openbox for far too long. GTK3 theme is not fully to my liking yet but for now it is ok.

Promise I will go back weekly releases but I needed to get changes out there before I release Spring version [Once I am happy].

Stay safe 😉