No more tiling …

Am uploading a new iso image, updated packages and can see a new kernel. I3 tiling window manager has been removed, had so little feedback I did not see the point of shipping iso image with it any more.

Something I am looking at is getting Openbox to act as a fake tiler, what I mean is by using Super and arrow keys you can snap windows to edges of screen. There are a number of keybinds already built into ArchBang:

Super + Arrows – move window to edges of screen
Super + u – which removes titlebar from window
Super + a – toggle fullscreen
Super + c – move window to center of screen

Have not really paid much attention to rc.xml over the past few years, does need some work to bring it up to a more modern setup. They may not really be noticed by many users but am looking to change quite a few settings. Wish me luck.

Stay safe 😉