News coming in …..

I seemed to have gained an award from Source Forge for ArchBang project. Take a look at ArchBang page over on Source Forge and you will see a badge (upper right) declaring Open Source Excellence. Guess all my hard work is starting to pay off.

Uploading an ‘RC’ Spring release, basically new theme. Still very much work in progress but all packages are up to date.

Made some minor changes, mirrorlist is no longer uncommented. Found that Archlinux servers are behind and meant that updates were not working correctly due to bad keys. Edit servers manually either via config_edit script or in a terminal. Also removed Vim from Openbox menu, was not over happy at adding a soft link to xterm. Never liked hiding things that would cause a user problems over time. I am thinking of adding a pipe menu for archlinux configs for servers, pacman.conf…etc.

Can generate mirrorlist in a number of ways given a network connection it is quite easy to do. For now I will just use a list of server countries and let user pick one.

Enough of my TODO list…..

Something that I did come across the other day is ArchTitus an Arch Install Script. Basically it creates an install that is based on Chris Titus own personal setup. This interested me as why not adjust it to load ArchBang source. While Archinstall would have worked still felt it over complicated for my needs. Sure it does everything you could possibly want but I have no real python coding experience.

Stay safe everyone 😉