What a week!

So I am uploading a new iso image, mostly updates including kernel. In the real world I have been busy with painting a hallway! an interview and doing some agency work. Came home today to find an email from the company I had an interview with telling me that I was successful in getting the position..

Am quite happy right now, takes a few of the worries of income moving forward away. Know that with everything going on in the world I count myself very lucky.

I may celebrate tonight mindful that more work needs to be done, Spring release for one!

Have been messing with Archinstall, it does have some very interesting features. I kind of ran into a chicken and egg issue, was thinking I could use archinstall to install ArchBang (why not!). I can get a sort of ArchBang setup working if I create a script that can run post install. Basically if would copy over /etc/skel to install users directory and change some links that are part of ArchBang. Of course a list of packages would be needed too. Just need the time to work on this and get Spring release under way.

As always stay safe wherever you are…. 😉