Having a break….

Still working on getting Summer release stable and am making small changes to Openbox rc.xml. One of things I really liked in ArchCraft was that the aero snap feature using just Super and arrow keys. So have removed the need for Shift key in keybind, makes it easier to use. Also changed conky to allow windows to snap over it. Gives a more tile like experience. Will be adding Undecorate option (Super + U)…

Something I will have to look at in the future is to replace Openbox window manager. There have not been any updates for quite a few years now. JWM might be a good option or even i3 😉

In the autumn I need to look at buying a new pc, my system is near ten years old now. While fast it is no match for latest AMD cpus. If anyone has a spare couple of thousand dollars then please let me know 😉

As always stay safe….