Another week another iso

Simply an update to iso new kernel and minor edit to Guide. In ~/Scripts you will see a file called mirror. Would be grateful if users could test live. To use it simply open a terminal go into Scripts folder like this:

sudo mirror

Follow on screen instructions once complete try:

sudo pacman -Syyu


You can check file by using Super + c and select mirrorlist.

The script is WIP and once I know it is working correctly will add as an option in abinstall. Mirrorlist is backed up in script so if it fails you simply move backup too mirrorlist.

The script does not require a network connection but will if you try to update pacman. There are of course other ways to do this Zen installer uses for find users location then rankmirrors to find fastest servers, but this of course needs a working network connection.

It may well be that abinstall could test for such a connection and then mirrorlist would be generated automatically, no input would be needed from a user. It will however take time for servers to be tested and set up. One of the issues raised by Derek at Distro Tube.