What an amazing week!!!!!

I am really surprised today ArchBang has had over 3500 downloads this week. An all time record. Have to blame (or thank) Matt at ArchLabs for letting users know of release. Think some comments were also made on Distro Watch. Never going to say ArchBang is perfect and it will always need more work Tried to make it so a user has a range of options to get the job done. If you want to install offline, a fully customized install from the ground up or via arch-install-scripts (the arch way).

Am looking at adding a mirror selector to abinstall and possibly making a user use gparted to set up partitions. Not that high on my list at the moment but something that would make install a little easier.

Have added a small script packey which means a user can set up keys post install with a single command.

Built and am uploading a updated iso with recent kernel update for your pleasure.

As always please stay safe and feel free to contact me if you are having an problems of suggestions.