Good news Bad news

Good news another week another iso, not really much has changed (package wise) over the week but I do like to keep things fresh 😉

Bad news my boss has tested positive and I have today had the test. Have lost my sense of smell.

Spent last weekend trying to set my usb stick on fire. I did a usb install so I had grub bootloader installed on the stick and then installed Arch. It works fine but is of course slower than a normal hard drive install. Tempted to say a run from ram would be faster. Trouble is unless you can get iso looping and persistence working then a usb install will solve quite a few problems. All you need to do for a bios system is to create a small (talking a few Mbs) partition for grub to install too (kind of Master Boot Record). UEFI would of course need to have a partition and formatted too fat32.

Advantages are simple a normal install that you can fully update and customize to your hearts content. An external SSD/Nvme would be tempted to say would perform better and maybe get less hot.

Still feel that a usb image of ArchBang would be a better option, very like how Raspberry Pi works. Use ‘dd’ to transfer image to drive then maybe expand filesystem and you truly have an almost instant install. Be that hard drive, usb key, external drive, remote system (in my dreams).

Stay safe, hope to see you next week 😉