Update the update

I uploaded an iso yesterday and today another kernel update. Have rebuilt the iso for your delight and pleasure.

After upgrading my system I rebooted to run new kernel only to find that uefi had broken. I quickly reached for my ArchBang usb stick and booted into Openbox and started digging around trying to find the issue. After incorrectly mounting /efi partition ot /mnt/boot could not see any of my efi files (panic!). A quick visit too Arch wiki found that I needed to mount too /mnt/boot/efi then all the files were present but not initramfs???

Copied the file from /mnt/boot to /mnt/boot/efi and rebooted into my system without an issue. Am guessing mkinitcpio has changed along the way (something I need to look at).

Thing is Arch does break and you need to figure out why. Worst case scenario you reinstall. Thing is most of the time all your data, files, photos etc are still present just a question of how to get the thing running again.

ArchBang saved the day 😉