History Lesson

I have been working on ArchBang for nearly ten years now, quite a few changes in that time. Project was started by Willextreme who created iso and installer. I would visit the AB forums and make a nuisance of myself. Was always interested in how isos worked and were created. Will then had commitments with University and decided to leave the project and the rest of the development team took over. Around the time I started building isos there were three of us in the team, but again real world things got in the way and finally ended up running the show.

Have not changed the basic concept of ArchBang from day one. While other wanted to change window manager, applications etc.. really wanted to keep things as simple and functional as possible, with just enough on iso to get the job done.

Might surprise some that I really loathe installers, they are too rigid and take away too much of the essence of what Arch really is. Arch is not that really that difficult to install and pacman makes it so easy to get packages you need. The Arch wiki is still the best source for help, guides and general information.

Abinstall was based on aui installer with modifications made to work with ArchBang. This allows ArchBang to be installed offline a major feature when setting up or having a network connection is not possible. With recent versions we now have Zen-installer a full network gui installer that allows a user to fully customize there system.

The future well I think I may retire ArchBang early next year, with up and coming spin offs such as ArchCraft. It is time to call it a day…