Summer Release

Finally a Summer release 😉

Updated packages and minor fixes to themes and configs. Have removed /etc/skel source from iso as it is not needed post iso build, will not affect installation. Am going to work on a script (which I should have done years ago!) to make changing theme colours easier. Always forget one so if I had list in a script files I makes changes it would speed things up. Kept the same format in ArchBang for many years now and still get quite a few downloads. Quietly working on an Artix based version (still very early days), Void would be my choice for a systemd version. I enraged the developers with VoidBang, so much I removed it. My own fault really after forking project I should have kept all the files (including Licenses) but I was really only getting things set up to overlay source from ArchBang. Have aVoided it ever since…. 😉

Things are starting to ease in the UK, once pubs reopen then it will be business as usual.

Until then stay safe

Mr Green