Two things to reduce iso image size that may upset some users.

Recently iso image has started to grow in size and was get close too 1.3Gbs so decided to look at what is being dragged in during iso build. First pavucontrol uses gtk4 so its another graphical toolkit for just one application [and not a large one at that!]. Second which I think will upset a lot of users is Firefox, over the years it has become massive, installed it uses of 1Gb of storage and pulls in Python. I do not have a problem with python but again for one small application it does not need to be shipped live.

Next release will ship with Netsurf, not the best browser and some sites will not render correctly, but just enough browsing power live. Should you have a working connection install Firefox or Chromium. Logo on tint2 panel may confuse users until I can find a browser one to replace it….

Why even ship with a browser at all? If you have a network connection you can install one. Could save even more space or even ship with something more useful [more useful than a browser???]

Please think about helping out the project with a small donation or coffee 😉

Stay safe…