Image a day late, busy weekend….

I am building and uploading a new iso image during my lunch hour. Had quite a busy weekend and finally saw some much needed sun here in the UK.

Basically updated packages no changes other than that.

Am looking to start working on Summer release, am going to go out on a limb and try using a different window manager. Been testing various window managers and JWM would had been at the top of my list. Find it a little too basic and as it is an AUR package it would quite a lot of work to maintain it. Xfwm4 is quite good you have to add a panel and most of the setting up is done through a gui. The one window manager that I had not really tried much before was IceWM and while it is ugly out of the box it does have many features built in, including panel, menus, applets the list goes on. Configuration is not difficult but does take some time to find the right setting.

Still not totally convinced in using it in ArchBang but I have a plan.

Stay safe….