Whats coming in 2024…

Well been a busy year for ArchBang. Openbox to i3/Sway then back to Openbox. Wayland will take over from X11 at some point so an alternative window manager based on it will be needed. Wayland is to some a bit marmite, what I mean is some like it others hate it. While Sway worked I found some niggles in getting it to run well, mostly issues with Virtualbox [which I use for testing iso images].

Base my stats on downloads if iso image and for the most part it has been around a thousand a week. Donations on the other hand have been very low, over the past year I have barely covered cost of hosting. So something has to give!

In 2024 I will no longer be updating iso weekly, thinking monthly now to reduce work load and give me more time to work on other things. I always liked the fact the iso image was as up to date as possible to give a user a better install that would have fewer updates.

With so many great Arch spin offs out there am still surprised at how popular ArchBang is. Think it might be the small iso size and easy of installation that helps. My focus was always about showing off what Archlinux can do. Am looking to start work on Project Vole as a test bed for new installer and creating a small light iso image that is more network based.

Stay safe ….