May have made a mistake….

Have been using Sway for a couple of months now and I do like it and thought everyone would, but I was wrong. Switching ArchBang to Sway may have been a step too far as user feedback and reduced downloads of iso are a cause for concern.

What I should have done from the start is have two versions so a user could chose which they wanted to use or try. This is more work on my part and I do not think it is going to help. Other issues factor into the equation, wayland is not quite there yet! Some applications do not work at all and getting a VM running under wayland is a nightmare given I still need to test isos images that I create.

There are some beautiful desktop setups in Hyprland and I know if you need that much candy in your life go for it.

So latest iso image is running i3 with Xorg once more 😉

Marked it ‘rc’ as I have only set it up using older configs so things may break. Conky is in an odd position purely as text is little hard to read on that background.

Will of course need to update Guides both here and on iso image.

Am sorry but I had to try these things and I do see them as a challenge but sometimes things just do not go as planned.

To cheer myself up I am building a mini sever using an old ThinkCentre M700 Quad Core monster I bought off Ebay

Stay safe …..