Found a small issue with installer

Just to make users aware I have found a small issue with installer. Mirrorlist changed recently to include Argentina mirrors, code looked for Australia [then top of list]. Anyway I had made the change with installer and should be fine now. Abserver script is unaffected as I had already updated it.

Over weekend I have been building and rebuilding looking at different options package. Was planning on removing Firefox as live it is of little use if you have no network connection. My thought was to add a way to make it easy to install if you do have a working connection [wifi/wired]. Basically a simple script that would install firefox after checking for a working network connection and making a selection of local mirrors before downloading and installing package. This would also have to make changes to conky, possibly panel launcher.

ArchBang does still have the advantage of an offline installer which makes installation very quick and easy. This is one of the reasons why I keep regular updates, this keep update size once installed to a minimum. Something that would not be an issue with a online installer that pulls in latest versions of all packages. But if said iso was more than a month old it could be a massive update and potentially system breaking as changes to applications in archlinux do happen.

Here are my findings:

827Mbs without firefox
937Mbs with firefox
947Mbs with firefox and vim

Yes I use vim and would like to ship AB with it as I find it useful for testing.

Will get something uploaded today feel comfortable to go back to a normal release with abinstall fix.

In other news I was messing around with runit init system on an arch based VM and did not take me long to break it, less said the better…. 😉

Stay safe