Quick update to Spring release

Am uploading a new iso image of Spring release. Updated packages and minor changes to microcode installation. Nothing that will affect users am simply adding both microcode images to /boot so that they can be managed post install.

Not found a battery block that I really like for i3blocks so will keep cbatticon for now, will look at adding possible volume controls to bar but I really do not feel it is worth it live.

In other news I have decided to team up with Joe from Endeavouros and Dobbie3 from Archlabs on a new iso project that will contain all packages from repos and AUR, all gui helpers and a whole host of gui installers. We are more than likely looking at something around 50Gb or more for iso image and will take days if not weeks to build. This would mean a user could test out any current desktop/window managers, applications of there choice. Keep you posted of any progress.

Stay safe 😉