Automounting in ArchBang

Latest iso image includes gvfs package, it allows storage media to be automounted. For example if you plug in a usb drive you can view contents in pcmanfm file manager. Also allows mounting of local drives too. Just be careful that you do not make any changes to host system files (unless you know what you are doing!).

Until now you would have to manually mount devices as root to a system folder such as /mnt.

In May I will start work on summer release, aim to clean up system quite a bit and make small changes to installer (or a new network install).

Was having problems with UEFI on a machine I have, ArchBang installed fine but would not boot so had to manually fix loader and entries via chroot. Did notice a couple of errors during install that I need to look at. Bootctl is very easy to use and does all the hard work for you, provided partition is set as an esp and formatted to fat32.

Cold but sunny here in the UK, please enjoy rest of weekend.

Stay safe 😉