Did you know ArchBang comes with Three Installers?

That is correct ArchBang comes with three installers, abinstall, archinstall and arch install scripts. So you could do a full custom install with arch install scripts or a guided custom install with archinstall or just go for a archbang like experience and use abinstall. Latest iso image should now include 5.17 kernel and new version of archinstall.

Been messing around with DWM again on my own personal laptop and have concluded that ricing is not really much fun and makes no sense for a really clean and basic tiling window manager. I basically use a terminal for most things on a day to day basis, other than a browser all I really need. Maybe I will try TinyWM next week 😉

Now I am $995 from my target donations, thanks to those who have helped me out. Next few months for me are going to be difficult as everything is going up and am having to find extra work to make ends meet. Every dollar helps….

Right system updates are done now time to build an iso.

Stay safe 😉