New Iso Image and Archinstall plans…

Have just built and uploaded a new iso, no real changes other than Arch has a new kernel release. Hopefully sudo issue has been fixed, if anyone is still having problems then please contact me.

In the very near future I need to start testing archinstall as a way of creating a network installer. Three things need to be addressed as follows:

1) ArchBang required packages [basically all the applications and packages that are shipped with iso]
2) Source files [either located locally or via network, mostly /etc/skel]
3) Make changes to new install to remove live settings [Am hoping that this can be run via]

My python skills are limited to say to least. Will need to get help with scripting, could easily do it in bash!

All of the above really depends on time I have to build and test, so I do not think it will be ready for Spring release.

In other news Google Adsense is working and I feel confident in money eared will cover hosting and domain costs in the future. Still grateful for donations as I am struggling in the real world at the moment. Have got a couple of weeks work and job offers coming so hopefully things will improve.

Please where ever you are on the planet or beyond, stay safe 😉