Quick update

I have removed Vintage-ArchBang folder, seemed to have little or no interest. Old iso images from main downloads removed also. The latest release does now include vim editor. This is more for my personal pleasure as I am always finding myself using vim keys in nano!

Next release will see files in /etc/skel removed, it is only used for iso creation so real need to double up on configs,scripts,themes etc. Will no affect user at tall other than if they mess up files in /home/ablive, easy fix either restart live iso or head over to gitlab and grab source [link on links page].

Hope to start work on winter release very soon. With donations at an all time low have decided that I will build ArchBang the way I would like it. This will mean a tiling window manager, terminal applications and the bare minimum of gui candy. Unless you are thinking of an early xmas present for your favourite iso developer 😉

Even if you buy me a coffee, it will go a long way to support my project or even just a small thanks for all my work.

Been asked about cryptocurrency, guess I will need to get a wallet in the near future [any suggestions welcome].

If I think of something else I have forgotten will post again…..