News and a little holiday gift

Am uploading an updated version of iso. With thew festive holidays coming up thought I would add a small gift to ArchBang. If you hit Super + s a terminal window will open and you will btop a system monitor. Not only does it display quite a bit of system information it also looks amazing…

Personally I use Vim more and more for editing, only it is not included on iso. I find myself hitting Vim keys in Nano which is starting to get annoying. Hopefully no one minds me adding Vim to make my life easier when testing. If anyone wants an application added then please feel free to ask and so long as it is not huge in size.

Congratulations to Joe and the EndeavourOS team on their new release. Look forward to running it on my old laptop, hope to give him some useful feedback. Check it out here

Stay safe where ever you are.