ArchBang RC release

Well still looking for the perfect autumn background but have uploaded a new iso image. Have gone ‘rc’ as I am going to start working on autumn release over next few weeks. Netsurf is back for now, purely to reduce build time and size of image.

Had a message regarding stopping notifications [battery/ac]. Easy fix just modify ~/.config/openbox/autostart

# Dunst onscreen messages ### comment [#] out next line if you do not want any notifications!
(sleep 2 && dunst) &

# Battery icon
(sleep 2 && cbatticon -n) & ### add -n to stop notifications or comment [#] out line if you on a desktop

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to ArchBang.

Edit Have uploaded a ‘fixed’ version to correct issue with AC notification staying onscreen. Also made some minor changes to rofi [more work needed to fix theme]…. Also just noticed something in tint2, but that is not urgent 😉