Update and project plans

New iso being uploaded 😉

Am looking to start work on Autumn release. Still unsure of switch to i3 window manager at the moment. Do need to work on getting archiso and installer up to date. Have been looking at these graphical installers of other distros [only looking!]. Strikes me that half the size of iso is made up of installer applications.

Arch is network based, you cannot really do much without it. ArchBang has always had a way of installing system without a network connection. This of course may not be fully up to date but generally faster than a network install.

Could ArchBang have a network installer? Yes it is certainly possible.

Another option is to have an online iso configuration tool. A user would select options [WM, theme, apps etc…] then selection would added during system install.

Larger isos like EndeavourOS have the man power to achieve this, I am the only one working on ArchBang and to keep an online installer up to date would take far more work.

For now I may help out Joe at EndeavourOS… if only to make him a coffee 😉

Stay safe…