Beta i3 Window Manager iso now available

Am uploading a beta iso that includes i3 window manager. It is still very much work in progress but you can test it out simply by selecting i3 from boot menu. Still not decided which panel to go with or made any major changes to i3status bar.

Tried to keep keybinds as close to Openbox version as possible, conky does show some will add more in the future.

Switching workspaces is easy simply hit Super+[0-9], to shift a focused with to a workspace use Super+Shift+[0-9]

Make a window floating [if you need to!] Super+Shift+Space

At the moment no exit menu so hit Super+d [Rofi] and type poweroff.

Firefox when opened will launch on workspace 3 😉

Not looking to switch ArchBang to i3 just yet but may in the autumn.

Stay safe….