Lxterminal fullscreen from a keybind….

I do a lot of testing of ArchBang live under a Virtual Machine and one thing I miss is a way of opening a terminal to fill screen. Unlike other terminals Lxterminal does not have a maximize option. So after some reading online and trying out different options.

From rc.xml file:

Add key bind…[Super+Enter]

<keybind key="W-Return">
<action name="Execute">
<command>lxterminal -t archbang</command>

In applications section near end of file…

<application title="archbang">

When you use Super+Enter a terminal is opened with the title ‘archbang’. Openbox checks applications for the title ‘archbang’ and then makes maximizes window then removes titlebar.

More info can be found here Openbox Help Applications

Added to next release, more to help me than anything else. In the interests of not hiding anything from the user I will remove it for full releases.