New 5.12 kernel and tint2 changes

After a break last am again working on a new release. Seems tint2 is now gtk3 based, so new iso will now include tint2conf (from menu). Looking at a new 32bit version but I need to test installer before release.

Have had some feedback regarding an error in abinstall, seems to be a path error. This has been fixed for new releases. While I try to test installer on a regular basis this just slipped through the net.

Getting feedback that a few are installing ArchBang onto a usb drive, this should not generally be a problem. Please be aware that installed ArchBang will take up around 3Gb (from a fresh install). In use this will grow very quickly, cache files, pacman packages, logs etc. Personally recommend a usb drive of 8Gb or more. If you do need to use a smaller drive then either offload no important files too /tmp or remove unwanted applications. Once installed gparted is not really needed anyone for example. Switching to a lighter browser.

Always tried to keep iso size down. Removing bloat from iso is going to be much more difficult without losing what ArchBang represents. Thinking of a network based version which loads applications as required or during boot. This of course would rely on a working network connection but iso size would be reduced. The larger apps like Gparted and Firefox could be loaded live for example. [thinking out loud again!]

Stay safe…