Am I making money from Linux?

I use what tools and packages provided to create ArchBang and share my work freely. Am in no way making a living or saving towards my retirement. Costs I have involve the archbang domain and some minimal hosting. Think hosting is around £70 ($100 US) a year currently. If I based a download for a $1 would be earning more than I do in my real world day job, that is never going to happen!

Am grateful for any amount however small and it all helps.

Would I add ads to this site, not had much luck with ad sense in the past. Just simply not enough traffic.

There are many Arch based distros out there now, some are far more polished and feature rich. At the end of the day I ship with enough to get the job done.

Right I had better switch ArchBang back to Firefox for next release, before anyone notices….