Changes are not always welcome….

Think I may have upset users by switching ArchBang to i3 window manager. A recent review on Distro Watch highlighted the fact that i3 is not Openbox and is less user friendly. Use i3 on a daily basis and like its minimal setup, which for me makes it more productive and does not get in the way.

Propose ArchBang will go back to Openbox in upcoming releases. May create a 32bit version (just to see if anyone really needs it).

Create these live isos as a hobby. I do this in my spare time, unpaid and for a few years now alone. Share my work freely (including source). Have never said that Archbang was perfect or issue free. Download it try Archlinux in the comfort of your home and if you feel like it install it. Give three ways to install, text driven ArchBang installer, Zen for a custom install and of course arch-install-scripts (the arch way). Most of the tools you need are included and if not with a working network connection you can use pacman package manager.

If you do not like what you see there are many other Arch based distros….