At last 5.8 kernel

Have updated iso to run new 5.8 kernel, minor changes too zen-installer. Given a working network connection, mirrors/servers should be automatic now. At some point may improve config_edit script to work the same.

Next few weeks are going to be a busy for me (real world) so may not update again until September. Downloads of iso are still very high.

Have recently updated SSL on

Will cover this years hosting then will have to rethink if will remain. With no donations over the past six months I am going to either go over too using SourceForge for updates and that way reduce my costs to a minimum. While I have no problem building isos and share my work freely. Given that hobbies do cost money I am starting to feel that I could save at least $150 a year by not running website (hosting,domains,SSL).

Thanks and stay safe….


aka Mr Green