Technical Support but not from Microsoft ©

One of the biggest issues (not using the word complaint) is that ArchBang does not provide any online support. Currently I am the only person working,running ArchBang. It would take up far too much time to manage a mailing list or forums.

I can offer limited support if related to ArchBang via email. Anything else then Arch wiki, a search or failing that as a last resort Arch forums. If you do post there please remember that they will not support any ArchBang related issues, posts will be closed and deleted.

Project Vole based on Alpine had little or no real impact and for now I will shelve iso. Once I get some spare time I will rebuild it using an Arch base. Thought had crossed my mind to go with Artix linux.

In other news I have over weekend been testing ArchBang live usb installs with some degree of success. It is a more complicated process but does allow ArchBang to be installed on a usb drive. Gives you more freedom to install, update and change anything as you would in a normal disc based system. There are drawbacks but am working on a new blog post to share more information. (watch this space).

As donations have all but dried up am thinking of looking for a sponsor, mostly to cover running costs. Will have to look at traffic on blog or even think about Social Media (ewww)

Stay safe