Spring is coming….

Am still working on Spring release and trying to keep beta fresh. Downloads still amaze me, ArchBang will never live up to the likes of Manjaro or ArchLabs. They have far more support and developers. At ArchBang there is only one! Me! Sometimes it bothers me that I cannot give real support or a forum. Certainly do not miss maintaining one. Recently had a review of ArchBang (in Dutch) despite only getting one penguin out of five, still good to get exposure (good or bad).

In my spare time I have been messing around with Tmux. Never had much use for it but starting to think it would make a nice console terminal manager for Vole. Reducing size of iso was always my goal (who needs Xorg anyway)


This is under i3wm, custom bar and colors. Custom keybinds (Control+a).

Anyway off to watch the hottest Linux tuber at the moment Brodie Robinson