Minor fixes for installer, UEFI booting now works.

Not had much time to test uefi in archbang installer until recently. Kind of assumed I would get feedback (which I have now) regarding if it worked or not. Had used bootctl (systemd-boot) on my desktop as it was so easy to set up and install manually. If you want to install uefi booting via abinstall here are a few tips.

1) Create esp partition 512Mbs and partition table (GPT) using Gparted format too FAT16/32 add flags esp,boot.
2) Mount esp boot partition during install to /boot (More for systemd-boot)
3) If using systemd-boot then you need to add microcode to arch.conf in /boot/loader/entries. [Hope to fix this in upcoming iso builds]

As always any comments or feedback is welcomed

Am going to upload a new iso as I have added efibootmgr package which grub requires…