Quick Pre Winter Release iso Gparted is back

Just uploaded a new iso Gparted is back. Have removed spectrwm tiling window manager, going to switch window manager in Vole (more on that in the new year). Been some changes in Arch mostly xorg so this release may need more work. Need to remove gparted.desktop file to stop it showing up in openbox menu. As always run gparted from dmenu or a terminal (sudo gparted).

Had some feedback from a user (Mike) that he could not us keyboard settings to work. ArchBang uses setxkbmap from ~/.config/openbox/autostart also global setting is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/01-keyboard-layout.conf. Basically change ‘gb’ to your local setting. Will add more on this in Guide for upcoming winter release. Tried hard not to hide any configuration settings. Autostart and 01-keyboard-layout.conf could be added to my config_edit script (note to self).

As always feel free to email me, always open to suggestions, improvements…