Top Secret Project Vole

Have uploaded a new iso called Vole. It is very much work in progress but does have some interesting features (well lack of!). Basically its a stripped down version of ArchBang but does not come with much if not anything other than i3 window manager, urxvt terminal and no installer. Think of it as an Xorg version of Arch media iso.

For now I would strongly recommend running in a Virtual Machine for testing and just getting around. Am planning on adding a proper guide to Vole, if I get some or any real feedback.

Once you are into window manager simply hit either Super + T or Super + Return and a terminal will open.

Connman is included and a wired connection will be set automatically, wifi is a little more complicated (Arch wiki is your friend here). Have found connman a little flaky at times during testing so wpa_supplicant maybe the way to go for some. Suffice to say upcoming guide will give much more information.

Top Secret Project Vole

Source can be found on my GitLab page.