Dmenu config script and some other changes…


Saw something on Distro Tube that I thought was interesting, using dmenu to select key config files. So wrote my own version. As you can see it allow you to select a config, it will then open file in a terminal (nano). This might mean setting up of mirrors far easier. You can also change openbox autostart (keyboard layout for example).

Not settled on a key binding yet am thinking of using Super+Shift+c…

Hope to add to next iso update.

Have switched menu layout to lxde, this means that lxappearance and obconf are now in openbox menu.

ArchBang scripts are mostly in /usr/bin and are then removed during installation, thinking of adding a path to ~/Scripts or ~/Bin to make them more visible to users. I could then leave some of scripts in folder for user to remove or use… not decided yet..

Anyway will update iso this week at some point.

Mr Green