Adding zen-installer to ArchBang

I have a few requests in the past for a network based flexible installer. Well I came across revenge (now called zen-installer). After emailing developer I am starting to test it under ArchBang. To do this I had to add zenity which pulls in webkit2gtk, to reduce iso size I switched firefox to midori.

The initialise script can be found in /root directory and run in a terminal [[ sudo ./initialise ]] it will grab latest version of script subject to a working network connection. From there it is menu driven and very easy to use. It will setup partitions, filesystems, bootloader, user among many other things.

Need to do a little more testing before I upload to source forge but I know script works….

To help with set up of zif (installer) pacman-keys are now once again created at boot and mirrorlist is un-commented. Do need to test rankmirrors (pacman-contrib) as it will set up local servers.