Beta iso…

Well not that long after Spring release I started working on beta iso. Some minor changes, was not happy with pacman script so have added some commands to .bashrc (an alias and a function). setup-pacman-key does exactly that and works live as well as post install. Setup-mirror allows users to edit mirrorlist to enable local server (Maybe it should be called setup-server) currently uses nano but I can easily change that if needed. Switched out the massive Firefox for Netsurf to reduce iso build times (and size).

Something that was bugging me was .desktop files, some of the applications such as conky and tint2 show up in openbox menu but do not do anything. What happens now is the files are moved to a .hide extension live then restored post install. Post I leave user to deal with them should they need them for other window managers or desktops.

Have added bootia32.efi to live iso purely for testing 32bit efi support, totally untested!!!!

Again thanks for the support 😉