Working on Beta and I forgot something!

Started working on ArchBang beta from day I released Spring edition. Think pacman-setup script has thrown a lot of users wanting pacman to work out of the box. Iso now boots very fast so it was always going to be a trade off. Once installed however you need to set up keys for your new system, this is as simple as:

sudo systemctl start haveged.service # gets some entropy
sudo pacman-key --init
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux

And you are good to go…

Might try to figure a way to tell script if you are live or installed…. more testing needs to be done.

Have bought myself a new system from Ebay (motherboard and ram), now have a way to finally test uefi. However my attempt to run live iso on it failed as I had forgot a line in build script that copies over amd ucode image, this will of course be part of beta release in the near future (update to source will soon follow).

Thanks for the support and emails, always welcome comments and suggestions.

Mr Green