Upcoming Autumn Release

Just a heads up for Autumn release. Making some final minor changes before adding a new wallpaper. Have switched out Firefox for Netsurf and removed Gparted. This is more about saving space which allowed me to do something I have wanted for a long time.

ArchBang will ship with Openbox and Spectrwm (tiling window manager). ArchBang still boots and loads up Openbox by defualt, but figured it would be nice for user to maybe test out a tiling window manager.

To switch too Spectrwm all you need to do is run the command tiler (in a terminal) then log out of Openbox (openbox –exit).

Will add some basic keybinds to release post in the near future (Super + Return opens a terminal ;-))

So hopefully in the next few days I will get an iso ready for release.