Getting Help?

I do not like asking for money, funding, crypto, gift cards or even a coffee. Offer Paypal as a simple way to support my work but many people do not like using it. Not going to use google ads again, very limited and they can pull payments at will. I need alternatives that people will use and feel safe in donating to my small project.

Sitting here on a Saturday morning getting iso image built and uploaded, do have many other things I should be doing. Think I spend around 4 hours a week on ArchBang (though it varies). Course check and respond to emails in week.

Costs are real, hosting, domains and hardware.

If I was getting $50-$100 dollars a month it would be a start. Would very much like to support other open source projects in the future.

Certainly do not see ArchBang funding my pension or supporting my family, not even really a side hustle..

Please think about supporting ArchBang now and in the future 😉

EDIT have noticed that liberapay link was not working, now fixed ….

Stay safe….