Quite surprised at i686 version

Had been asked about an i686 version of ArchBang around a year ago. The iso had a handful of downloads so it was the main reason I stopped updating it as I thought their was no interested in it. Recently I had some messages about where they could find 32bit version as they had some Quite surprised at i686 version

You asked for it and I delivered…..

Have had some users asking for link to 32bit version of ArchBang. I have setup a virtual machine installed archlinux32 and built and uploaded 32bit ArchBang to sourceforge. Please someone buy me a coffee 😉 Enjoy Stay safe ….

32Bit version [Update]

I dropped 32Bit version of ArchBang as I had little or no interest in it. Suddenly a few users have been in touch looking for iso image. Do not keep old versions simple as Arch updates so often (well it is a rolling release after all) they become out of date very quickly. Do how 32Bit version [Update]

A few minor updates

Am building this weeks iso at the moment. Have a few minor changes. Scripts folder is now called AB_Scripts, all the scripts used in ArchBang are here. You can either run them from a key bind or via terminal simply by using script name. Reworked abserver script more to reduce lines and improve logic. You A few minor updates

IWD for testing

Added iwd package for testing under ArchBang. Network manager will use iwd to handle wireless connections. As my desktop is using a wired connection I cannot really test it, so you will have to let me know if it is working? Would like to be able to remove Network Manager and applet and handle wireless IWD for testing

Power Options and New Iso …

Am soon uploading a new version of iso, latest kernel and a small addition to packages. Now have lxsession to give polkit support to ArchBang. It now give you the ability to run admin applications as a normal user. Gparted will now ask for a users password (installed) and power options should work without the Power Options and New Iso …

One Less Installer

I have removed archinstall from next release. Archinstall does require a working network connection so given you have a way of connecting to web you can simply install it. It also removes the need to ship iso with Python doe just that package. Key bind menu should also be part of next release, it is One Less Installer

Monday Morning

Just a quick update, made some changes over on Sourceforge to reflect new summer i3 version. You will see a new screenshot from summer iso showing a simple i3 key bind menu in rofi. This will be part of next iso image (end of the week). Also made changes to Guide, both on iso image Monday Morning