Quick iso update…

Am building a new iso image for uploading very soon. Mostly package updates. Will be starting work on Summer release very soon, mostly new themes and colours. Think I need to look at Guide [shipped with iso] as its getting a little out of date. Still in two minds about starting ssh on live iso, Quick iso update…

Adding dynamic tilting to i3

One of the best features in DWM was the way it allowed dynamic tiling of windows. You can do this in i3 but it involves many key binds and reduces workflow. Have used autotiling script in the past but found it did not work all the time. Came across this which uses python libraries to Adding dynamic tilting to i3

Update to latest iso image

I have just noticed that there is an error is latest release. Turns out that by using stock archiso files in /boot are removed once iso is built. This means that if you are installing ArchBang no kernel or initramfs will be present. Am rebuilding iso image and will get it uploaded. Forgive me as Update to latest iso image

Quick iso update

Another week, a new kernel release so am building and uploading a new iso image. Been looking again at wayland window managers, sway would be a drop in replacement for i3 then I came started reading abut something else. Hyprland is a very feature rich candy filling dynamic tiling window manager. Personally there is way Quick iso update