Try some vintage ArchBang….

Busy morning!

Had to update SSL certificate, so got my little padlock https back. Updated and rebuilt iso image, then uploaded. Mainly refresh new kernel updated packages.

As a late birthday bonus have uploaded on SourceForge an ArchBang iso from 2012. At that time I was just a noise on ArchBang forums and think Stan was building images, after Will left the project. Good news is it does run at least under a VM here, bad news is it is i686 only, systemd free and a very old kernel. Recently tried to do a pacman update and to my surprise it did not work. May try to build a VM with a possible install. Archlinux of course no longer supports i686 or old sysinit scripts.

Anyway it is a bit fun, please do not try to install it on modern hardware…it will not go well.

Stay safe 😉