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#1 Re: Arch Related Stuff » Welcome to New ArchBang forums » 2018-04-02 19:33:10

mrgreen wrote:

Sounds like the grub issue again, I would chroot in from ArchBang and retry installing grub again. Code in installer is fine and grub reports no errors however it sometimes does fail. Sorry for late reply, still working on forums and setting up (taken me longer, learning all the time)

Thank you very much for your reaction. I understand this new forum requires a lot of your time / attention. But I am glad ( and grateful) there is a place where we can ask our questions.

Am not able to judge about Archbangs's grub2. What I did was to try to install the latest 0401iso on an empty partition. 'abinstall' did its job and everyting was installed in no time. Wonderful!

So I have only to repeat : thank you. Problem solved.

#2 Re: Arch Related Stuff » Welcome to New ArchBang forums » 2018-03-22 08:45:39


Trying to install the latest 'archbang-rc-1803.iso' (via "Installer" of the menu) on an external hard disk.
Everything went fine. System fully installed. Grub2 installed.

However was unable to boot the newly installed system. The kernel (vmlinuz?) and tne initrc-file were missing in the /boot-directory. And also no menu-entry for the new installed system in 'grub.cfg'.

Any good advice to make the system boot?

Thank you.

#3 Re: Arch Related Stuff » Welcome to New ArchBang forums » 2018-03-20 08:23:17

admin wrote:

Just a quick welcome to New ArchBang forums...

Just to say how glad and grateful I am : Mr Green is back in town. (I know : never disappeared totally because new isos were there).

Am very happy there is a place again where our questions on ArchBang will get an answer.

Also : thank you again for the systemd and openrc isos. I appreciate you don't drop systemd although I am testing also the openrc isos.

Thank also to Paul for letting us know about this new forum.

Have a nice day!

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