ArchBang Autumn Release …

Pleased to announce ArchBang Autumn release is now available. Changes include switch too Netsurf and removal of Gparted. Have changed themes, new wallpaper some minor changes under the hood. Fixed an issue with keyboard layout during install.

ArchBang now comes with Spectrwm tiling window manager for users to try out. To switch open a terminal and run ’tiler’ then log out ‘openbox –exit. Once X startx again you will see wallpaper and a simple panel. To open a terminal in Spectrwm use Super+Return. Dmenu works via Super+d. To see other keybinds take a look in ~/.spectrwm.conf, its quite easy to figure out.

Was not having much luck with DeadBeef so AB comes with cmus, you will need to run it from a terminal.

If you have any questions, feedback or just want to buy me a beer (feel free!)